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Concrete Leveling

Slabjacking, also known as Mudjacking, is a restorative technique for the purpose of raising, leveling, and stabilizing concrete slabs around residential, commercial, agriculture and municipal properties. Overtime, concrete can sink or rise becoming unleveled creating trip hazards, and/or slant towards homes or business, draining water in basements. Let Nissen Slabjacking fix this for you! We drill holes into the sunken and unleveled concrete and pump a slurry of fine sand under the slabs, forcing them to rise and become level. The drilled holes are then patched with cement matching its surrounding area and can be used almost immediately. No demolition required, this saves you money. So, don’t replace it, save money and raise it! 

What causes concrete to crack, rise, fall, tilt and shift-to become unleveled

Aggregate Expansion

Cracking due to chemical reaction. Carbon dioxide in the air causes carbonation contributing to the break out in the concrete.


When water flows through cracks in concrete, water may dissolve various minerals present in the hardened cement.

Stress Cracks

Caused by corrosion of reinforcement bars; expansion of corrosion can induce mechanical stress causing cracks.

What is Concrete?

Concrete is made up of three components: an aggregate (sand, gravel and/or rock mixture), cement and water. When water is added to the aggregate and cement the mixture hardens over time.

What is Cement?

Cement is just one component in concrete. Cement is the powdery combination of chemicals that fastens and hardens when mixed with water. These powered chemicals can contain a combination of calcium, silicon, aluminum and iron. 

How Nissen Slabjacking Raises Concrete

first step drill through sunken concrete

A pattern of 11/2” holes are drilled throughout the sunken concrete slab.

second step pump mud into void under concrete

Grout is pumped to fill up the void and becomes pressurized this causes the slab to be raised to the desired height.

third step patch drill holes

The holes are then patched with cement and will closely match the current concrete. The slab can be used almost immediately.

residential home icon driveways, patios, walkways, garage aprons and garage floors


driveway, patio, sidewalk, garage apron and garage floor

COMMERCIAL icon customer sidewalks, curbs, shop floors and entryways


customer sidewalks, curbs, shop floor and entryways

farm icon barn floors, content services and out buildings


livestock barns, shelters, machinery and supply storage buildings

MUNICIPAL icon handicap ramps, city sidewalks, maintenance sheds and city shelters


handicap ramp, city sidewalk, and maintenance garages

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